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Dylan & Selkie

New York
My wife & I are the Priestess & Priest of the Coven of Swanscove (Gardnerian).
From 1965 – 1970 I dabbled in Ceremonial Magic and Séances.
Around1969 I began a study of Hypnosis and past life regression.
In 1972, Erie, Pa I helped run a street ministry "One Way House" My duties included witnessing to people about God’s love as well as feeding and comforting whoever came in off the street.
In 1977 I became a student of the Morris Pratt Institute of Whitewater, Wisconsin Studying Mediumship, Philosophy, Religious Ethics and Morals under the tutorship of Rev. Robert Benz.
In 1978 continuing with my studies, I helped start The First Spiritualist Church of Erie under the umbrella organization National Spiritualist Association of Churches. In 1981 we split from the National Association and became an independent Church.
As long as I can remember I have been interested in Witchcraft.
In 1978 I began a correspondence course with the first church of Wicca as well as a correspondence study course with the Rosicrucian’s.
1979 I joined a group that were devotees of Govinda.
I have also studied palmistry, radionics and spirit communication.
In 1987 I met my future wife Selkie, after I started to go back to Spiritualist church. I ran into an old girl friend who introduced me to her. Selkie was involved in a local coven.
From 1988 – 1999, we started and ran a Wiccan outreach group (Coven of Brighidshaven) at the local Unitarian Church where we performed public open circles.
In 1994 my wife & I became a legally Ordained Ministers of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California.
In 1994 we joined LaSanta Eala Bhrighid, a Gardnerian Coven
In 1995 my wife studied with Z’ Budapest at Suzan Weeds house in Woodstock, N.Y. and was proclaimed a Priestess of “Z” by Z’ Budapest.
In 1999 after completing our studies with LaSanta Eala Bhrighid, we were elevated to 3rd degree in Salem, Mass.
My Wife & I currently teach an outer court group (Blue Lotus Grove) at our home, which is a prerequisite for initiation into the Gardnerian tradition.
My wife and I also perform legal weddings, handfastings, wiccanings and rites of passage.

We like diversification, Hindu Temples, Lilydale, Brushwood, the Greek fest, German fest and the Highland Games.
Meeting people with open minds and new seekers.