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Pat Camarena-Rose Barbary

Ian Corrigan has been working, playing and teaching in the Neopagan movement since 1975. He is a founding member of the Chameleon Club and Starwood Festival, a Senior Priest and former Archdruid of A.D.F., and an initiate of a branch of traditional Witchcraft. Well-known as a teacher and performer at festivals and gatherings, he is the author of several books on Pagan occultism topics, including “Sacred Fire, Holy Well”, “The Book of Summoning” and “The Portal Book”. He is also a bard and singer, and creator of popular bonfire-chants such as ‘Hoof and Horn’ and ‘We Will Kindle a Fire’. Together with Liafal they have created the Tredara Shrine at their home in NE Ohio, which provides an outdoor temple and shrines, with worship and community space for local Pagans.