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Auntie Tonna

I have been a practicing Wiccan for about 8 years. I was active in the West Michigan Pagan Community for three years until I moved to Detroit. I've been involved with Pagan Pathways Temple since there was a building to call home. In the past two years, I've gotten more involved with the Detroit Pagan Community. I am on the board for Detroit Pagan Pride Day, as well as being head of the Children's Programming for Michigan Pagan Fest since 2018. I am one of the co-leaders of Pagan Family Services at Pagan Pathways Temple. I have studied under several teachers, including Nashan, and LeAnn Stone. I have taught at ConVocation 2017-18, Detroit Pagan Pride Day 2018, Michigan Pagan Fest 2017-18, and Detroit Conjure Fest 2018. 

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, February 22

11:30am PST

7:00pm PST

Saturday, February 23

4:00pm PST