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Lady Kate

Lady Kate Henriott, along with her husband, Ted Jauw, is the author of "Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy". Their latest novel that is part memoir and part history of how Absinthe was originally an elixir of Witchcraft, stolen from her ancestor 'Mere Henriod' . Reclaiming her heritage and spirituality led her to understand what happened to not only the women in her family but with so many aspects of "The Craft" that were stolen like beer, ale, teas, tisanes, medicines and alchemy. Kate is also the author "Tea and Tasseomancy", "Talking to the Dead; a Memoir" and "The Goddess Coloring Book" She is a practicing Reclaiming Witch and an Apetibi Iyan'ifa (priestess) of Odu/Ifa. 

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, February 22

9:30am PST

Saturday, February 23

7:30pm PST