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Rachel Leah Gerson

Rachel Leah Gerson is a metaphysical practitioner and creatrix of Doorway to Self, LLC. D2S offers psychic education and one-on-one inner guidance and psychic training through metaphysical tools hinged together with counselling techniques. D2S seeks to help people better understand their personal psychic abilities, how energy works, and their all-powerful higher selves. Rachel delved into the depths of her own shadows after years of self-loathing, psychic abuse (to herself and others), and a complete misunderstanding of her own abilities. She did the work to emerge in a place of deep self love and a grounded, balanced, and understood psychic practice. She seeks to teach others how to face their shadows so that they might be able to embrace them, and to embrace the light that casts them. For more information, go to doorwaytoself.com 

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, February 23

2:00pm PST

Sunday, February 24

12:00pm PST